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  5. "Coquus multos cibos velit."

"Coquus multos cibos velit."

Translation:The cook would like many foods.

November 13, 2019



Why 'foods' and not just 'food'?


You can't say many food because food is uncountable (like money, love, etc). You can either say "a lot of food" or "many foods" which means many different [kinds of] food.


Thanks a lot! Now I am learning Latin here in english, because it isn't available in german - so I have learned by the way some english too - many foods - I will remember!


We don't really say 'many foods' in english, but there is an exception.

Suppose there was an exposition (gathering) where various foods were presented from different countries, we might say "Many foods were presented at the expo"

It would be the same use as saying "many peoples were represented"

This may or may not be the equivalent meaning for 'multi cibos'

It probably means many kinds/types of food on your plate, or kinds/types of food offered at a buffet, or genres of food styles taught in a cooking school.

But that would be confusing to a beginning Latin student.

'Many foods', while not precise, works just fine for learning.


This sentence sounds very strange in English.


The audio sounds wrong.. I hear "cibos" as "pibos"


What s the meaning of the sentence, I don't get it


I got used to constructions "would like to do something", but what does " would like" alone mean?


Yeah, it should be food, not foods

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