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Is this lame?

I moved to FInland last April, and I was determined to learn FInnish for eventual citizenship... until I realized how painstakingly hard it is. Swedish is another official language of Finland, and they accept that for citizenship, so I've decided to go for that, as it looks much more familiar to my Germanic-language-learning eyes.

...Is it lame that I'm taking the easier road?

November 13, 2019



Yup, it's lame. But I'll bet it's exactly what I'd do too.

So once you know Swedish perfectly and you've got your citizenship, is that time to start properly on Finnish too? It looks like a really interesting language, if you have plenty of time and no pressure.


interesting and insanely difficult beneath the surface.


You took the words from my mouth.

I've been dabbling in Finnish while I wait for the course here to hatch. I can move through Swedish materials much faster, but I'm still enjoying them both.

You can use Swedish as a stepping stone, since there are quite a few loan words that might help your confidence. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/bloomfield-nj/peter-bieksha-8946579

I tried WordDive, at least the free unit. I don't think I'll pay for the rest of the course. Mondly has a Finnish, but it's a steep learning curve.

I have an old copy of Teach Yourself Finnish, but no audio. It seems good, but that book series can get a bit monotonous before you finish.

Have you looked into local classes (for either language)?


I don't blame you. I've recently begun studying the structure of the Finnish language in university and it's making my head spin even though I'm Finnish. The thing is, though, you won't find much use for Swedish in most of Finland, and a lot of Finns probably won't be able to communicate effortlessly with you in Swedish. English is much better for communicating with most Finns. Unless you live in certain areas on the west coast, and assuming that you want some use out of the language you're learning, you'd be much better off toughing it out and learning Finnish.


Not at all, sounds wise to me. Swedish is a north germanic language, and therefore it will be very easy for you to learn it extremely quickly. Unlike the finno-ugric finnish... But finnish is very pretty!


Not lame at all. Just do what you can for now with Swedish, but keep studying Finnish and doing the best you can.


Not lame since obviously you'll get the citizenship quicker. For the long term, it's still good to learn Finnish though. It's possible!


If it's an official language, it's the official language for a reason. Do whatever makes you happy. Maybe in the future, you can study English and try to become proficient. For now, don't worry about learning Swedish instead. Good luck!


"Lame" in a Frostian sense perhaps: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44272/the-road-not-taken. However, who could blame you. Once citizenship is secured through Swedish proficiency, you might pursue Finnish for both practicality and (hopefully non-chauvinistic) patriotism. And to be a rooted EU citizen (from wherever you originally hail).

Consider one of Finland's Sami languages while you're at it!


The question is: 1) all you want is the citizenship? Or 2) are you planning on staying on the long run and integrating to the country?

If you answered "yes" to question 1), then you did well in taking the practical approach. If you answered "yes" to question 2) instead, then yes, it's lame, because sooner or later you'll have to learn Finnish, so why not start now?

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