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Multiple language courses


i'm born and raised in germany - so i'm a native german speakers. I speak english quite well already but still have room for improvement. That's why i entered the english course for german speakers, made the test and am now running in level 9 which works great for me.

At the same time i wanted to start learning spanish. As this isn't available coming from german i selected the EN->ES course which i thought should be fine for me at least for the beginning. And that also looks like it's working good for me.

Unfortunately Duolingo seems to have trouble with this two courses in parallel. There's no quick access to switch them wether in the web frontend nor in the iPad or iPhone App.

Although as i write this post on the right the subscription box tells me i'm subscribed to all these courses. To switch the active one i always have to first reset the language i am speaking.

It would be great if this could be handled a bit smarter in the future - apart from that i love duolingo - it's really fun :-)

Thanks, Frank

June 27, 2014

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Hi Helmi, works for me with almost the same courses. I am taking the FR for DE speakers course and the ES for EN speakers one. Click on the small country/language flag on the left next to your profile picture bubble to change the course. Seems to also work in the iPhone app - have not properly tried it yet.


OK now I get the problem but I have a solution for the iPhone app and you have found the one for the web app: Change your "source" language by clicking on "add a new course". It sounds weird, but you can actually use this to change between courses pretty quickly by "adding" them again. You of course do not add them but instead just switch and it seems like this causes no loss of data, so you should be fine. The exact same works in the iPhone app.

UX-wise this should definitely be fixed.


4 Years and the problem still remains...

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