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"Pupae in templo saltare possunt."

Translation:The dolls can dance in the temple.

November 14, 2019



I don't blame you. That's a creepy image.


Your temple's cursed.


In English, there's a semantic difference between "The dolls can dance in the temple" and "The dolls in the temple can dance", but both translations are accepted here. Is there any way to differentiate between these in Latin?


If you need to specify, you can say something to the effect that pūpae quae sunt in templō saltāre possunt "the dolls that are in the temple can dance" or pūpae lātae in templō saltāre possunt "The dolls [that are] brought to the temple can dance."


This is exactly what I'm wondering. "The dolls in the temple can dance" just means the temple is equipped with animatronic decorations. "The dolls can dance in the temple" is much more, um, creepy. Is there a way to express that fundamental difference in Latin?


Being a beginner myself, I can only tell you what Duolingo does NOT accept. I put, "Pupae saltare in templo possunt" and it was marked wrong. I would think with the relaxed syntax of Latin that it would be okay, but I am not an expert so I did not report it. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in here.


In illud templum non debemus ire u_u


It's either a solemn or sad face. It depends on the context. the u's would be the closed eyelids and the __ would be the mouth.


Lol every sentence about dolls takes a stranger turn


grabs sword temple's haunted.


Because of that they are in the temple


Getting a distinct Final Fantasy IV vibe, here


Since dolls can't dance any way why was my answer wrong. I debated writing your answer first but decided to write In the temple the dolls dance. Truly your response was better English than mine but I thought the concept was silly anyway. Was there a Latin grammar reason, which has escaped me?

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The people you're addressing are not here. This is a user forum.

There is nothing wrong with "In the temple, the dolls dance." The volunteer course contributors can't think of every variation when they manually enter the answer possibilities into each prompt's database. The next time something like that happens, double-check for typos or extra spaces, then flag it and report "My answer should be accepted."

EDIT: "In the temple, the dolls CAN dance."


"Possunt" means "are able to" or "can", which your version does not include.

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