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  5. "Neha's cat is very bad."

"Neha's cat is very bad."

Translation:नेहा की बिल्ली बहुत बुरी है।

November 14, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Is there a difference between 'very' and 'really' in Hindi? Or has Duolingo just not added that as an acceptable answer?


    Very means :bahut बहुत Really means :सचमुच sachmuch


    If I actually know the biological gender of the cat, would it be odd for me to accordingly say 'ka billi' or 'ki billi' ?


    Then it would be का बिल्ला (ka billa)


    It is confusing because we didn't know that we have to put the sentence very much bad or bad but if we do mistake so it is good because we learn from our mistake


    बहुत can mean very, really, a lot, so...


    Really means in real i.e. sach mei and very means a lot i.e. bahut


    When using हिन्दी keyboard, I have no idea how to type combined consonants, like ccha, cca, llī, nda, mha... (for हिन्दी it was proposed by autocorrection)...any proposal? धन्यवाद!

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