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"Das Holz"

Translation:The wood

June 27, 2014



This might be helpful: Taken from: my-german-course.com


This lesson reminds me of a special german song:



babih !!! das ist eine sehr lustige Lied


It is little gems like this that make learning German bearable!


Thanks you for teaching me this song


So this can mean wooded area/small forest too?


As an indication: use Google to search for images of Holz (or any other German noun. This link accomplishes that.

The results are a strong indicator of how most people use a particular word. In this case, Holz is most closely associated with timber, lumber, chopped wood, wood products, etc. More the results of taking down trees than a stand of trees.


Duden.de says it's regional of archaic to use this meaning


'Holz' is the material, and 'der Wald' is a forest or wood in that sense.


I translated with wood but it gave me error message, since I should have used Timber. But some tests before wood has been the mandatory choice. Why so? Thanks!


Was the entirety of your answer "wood"? Or did you type "the wood"?

I've always used "the wood" and been correct. I don't believe I've ever typed--or been required to type--"Timber" or "the timber".


Yeah, I'm pretty sure.. but not 100%, since I didn't take a screenshot. Anyhow I clearly remember being surprised.. also because, if I made a mistake using the word Wood, it should have correct me on grammar. Instead, the suggestion was about using Timber. That sounded weird.. :)


I just have been forced by the Duo app to translate it to "the timber" (there was no other options except "gold", "steel", "stone", etc.), even though the only translation suggestion was "wood". Wierd. Oct 2017


Not all that weird: das Holz can mean timber or lumber or forest in addition to wood. Reference dict.cc, Wiktionary, and most importantly Duden.


In this same exercise, Duolingo gives "Das Leder" and if you write "leather" it is marked wrong. Then here for "Das Holz" I wrote "wood" and it is marked correct. What makes "Das Leder" = "The" leather where "Das Holz" is accepted as plain "wood"? I know Holz could mean wood, timber, lumber. When is "der, die, das" necessary for "the" and when is it not? Does Die Baumwoller = "The cotton" or "cotton"? Leather, wood, cotton, milk, water are all uncountable in the generic sense.


In English, "wood" can refer to a material, and to a forest. In German, Holz only refers to the material.


I can only think of Christopher Robin's "Hundred Acre Wood" as an example of "wood" meaning "forest". More common is "woods" as a term for forest. (AE)


What is timber ? A material?


Schauen Sie Wiktionary an.

One meaning: "Trees in a forest regarded as a source of wood."

*das Holz*



Lumber (American English; used only in North America) or timber (used in the rest of the English-speaking world) is a type of wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production. Lumber is mainly used for structural purposes but has many other uses as well.


In my ( 60 year old dictionary, wood is translated as Holz with umlaut) . Has time or Duo eliminated the umlaut?


The plural, Hölzer, uses an umlaut. Die Eule doesn't unilaterally change word spellings.

Perhaps there's a little Schmutz on the page.


Ebenholz from Snow white comes to my mind

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