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"Puer sanus cum puella olivas numerat."

Translation:The healthy boy with the girl counts olives.

November 14, 2019



I wrote "The healthy boy counts olives with the girl" and it said "The healthy boy with the girl counts olives." would be "another correct solution. If not grammatically incorrect, the latter certainly sounds very clunky and should not be the intended solution.

I wanted to report this, but there is no checkbox for it and "something else is wrong" doesn't give me a text field.


It was accepted when I put that as an answer


Duolingo never said it was the intended solution. It's just letting you know that it's another accepted answer.

I personally believe that it's better for Duolingo to be a little too permissive when accepting answers than to be too strict.

Believe it or not, some sentences that might sound too clunky to (y)our ears may sound perfectly normal to other native English speakers. (I've been in that position before, and insisting that their way of speaking English is wrong doesn't help anyone, and makes me look like I've got control issues.)


Can't you use the plural numerant for puer cum puella are two? If the verb must coordinate with the boy because cum subordinates the girl, in the sentence, to him, and verbs must fortunate with the boy...

If it was puer et puella, with et instead of cum, then it would plural?

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Yes, "Puer et puella numerant" because "The boy and the girl count olives". But "The boy counts olives with the girl" so "Puer cum puella numerat".


Is there another meaning to the activity of counting olives?

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No. But with our limited vocabulary right now, there is not a whole lot of different things we can say. These sentences are not meant to have any deep meaning. They are just for teaching grammar and vocabulary.


This time I said "a" instead of "the" and got marked wrong. This question is seriously flawed.

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If your valid, correctly typed answer is marked wrong, you need to flag it and report "My answer should be accepted." Complaining about it in here does no good.

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