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Can you please add stories and podcasts in Latin, por favor?

November 14, 2019



No! Please don't waste time doing that.

Concentrate on developing the next stage of the course, please.


Please don't add stories. There are plenty of sources for these (I have copies of Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter amongst others) and classical sources can also be found on bookshops or online. I would rather the focus is on teaching and expanding the language. This has been an excellent course and has really inspired me to rekindle my interest in learning more about languages in general. Thank you to the developers!


Stories are made by staff, not course contributors, so it's out of our hands. We also have no connection to the podcasts.


it will be amazing when the course be complete, otherwise it will make no sense.


Tembo441 is right: more course content before stories! Stories with only the present tense wouldn't be all that great, anyway.

For Latin of different levels, most of it intermediate, look at the links listed by ScorpioMartianus here, viewed by clicking on SHOW MORE.

Here are some suggestions from a few weeks ago (IMHO Andrew Olimpi is not all that great--but is better than nothing, used as reading practice but not a model for writing). Or you could look through the "Latin Readers" section or maybe "Latin School Books" here, as there are a few that start out very easily. Daniel Pettersson just put online an easy story w/ audio, text, word list, and an English translation, but it is not so easy that the Duolingo Latin course has reached its level yet, and it may not be visible w/o a subscription to the site (I don't know).

[Added] And look at scilling's suggestions here, and others', incl. mine.

Also check out Magister Craft. The level of the videos and the new audio is easy end-of-first-year Latin, so it's more difficult than what the Duolingo course has so far taught, but it is fairly easy and spoken slowly.

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