Weekly XP

Is there a way I can check my students XP weekly without having to check each of my 122 students individually?

I know I can see their all time XP, but I'd like to have a weekly contest on XP, and who can attain the most point.


I do assign a weekly XP goal but I want to encourage them to go above it.

November 14, 2019


I give my students a minimum number of XP to get each week, as an assignment. Then I can see who has completed the assignment. This would not help you with a contest.

Duolingo used to send a weekly e-mail that I relied heavily on. I have been asking in the Educator's Network on the status of bringing that back. (Hopefully it won't be long!)

Yes, you can. 1. click on your class 2. Click on More Details 3. Click on Activity details 4. Click on All Time 5. Click on Past Week or select a time period 6. Click on Spreadsheet to download the info in .csv format 7. Open Excel and import the text data and convert from .csv to excel 8. Click on XP column and sort data from highest to lowest Z->A 9. Assign grades based on points 10. Your life as a teacher is much easier with a ton of data to show parents and administrators :-)

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