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  5. "Are you wiping?"

"Are you wiping?"

Translation:Ninyi mnafuta?

November 14, 2019



I tried to answer this with the singular ("una"...) but failed miserably. The correct answer given, "Ninyi mnafuta," is in the plural, "you all." How would one phrase this in the singular? Thank you!


Change "Ninyi" to "wewe" and also change "Mna" to "Una" then come up with something like this

Wewe una...


Do you put the 'nyinyi' to make it appear like a question, instead of a statement?


No, Ninyi refers to the subject (who is performing the action) of the sentence, which is "you" (in plural). I guess you can say that Ninyi means "You all"


its not clear to me what makes a sentence a question as opposed to a statement. this instance is a good example - apart from the question mark why could this not be translated as 'we are wiping". what am i missing? would 'we are wiping' be 'ninyi nafuta"?


From what I've learned this past year, the translation of "we are wiping" is 'tunafuta' and the translation of "you [all] are wiping" is 'mnafuta.' "You are wiping" (singular), is 'unafuta.' I chose to use the singular form of 'you are...' for this exercise and it was marked correct.

The different conjugations will slowly but steadily make more sense as you work through the exercises. Happy learning!


It is the pronunciation. "We are wiping" and "are you all wiping?" is written the same. Sometimes a question is started with "Je" but in this case it was not.


This app programmers aren't up to par. In an earlier example they asked for the translation of this exact question? I put the exact words "ninyi mnafuta" and was marked incorrect. They need to do better or get better programmers.


I just put Mnafuta and it was correct! Does this mean one person is wiping and is it acceptable or a Duolingo error?

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