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The French Language Tips

I'm sure a lot of you may already be aware of this but for the beginners to the french language, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. The French Language goes by eloquent english. There are cases in which there are exceptions where this doesn't apply but it's mostly eloquent. (by eloquent language I mean: "To whom am I speaking to" rather than: "Who am I speaking to?"

  2. C'est is the best thing in existence. Not only is it "He is" or "She Is" but it is also "It is" and "There is". It has saved me on many a speaking test.

  3. For Vocabulary you are having a hard time learning, write it down and try to use it in every day private life in a sentence. For example, if you are struggling with the word: Le Chat (the cat), then find ways to use the word in everyday life "C'est mon Chat, elle s'appelle Mirabelle". However be sure not to use it with a feminine article!

  4. When trying to speak french, always try to learn the correct pronunciation first. No matter how hard it is. Don't say "SEST" when it is "C'est" (pronounced like 'say'), if you do, always correct yourself. I know it seems dumb but my classmates in french 1 would tick me off by mispronouncing the words and not bothering to fix it. Also, if you mispronounce something, you may end up sounding like you said something else! This prevents bad habits from starting. This also applies in writing it. Always use the correct spelling of the term! (that includes the circumflexes and cedillas as well as all the other symbols)

  5. When you are struggling to translate something, peeking needs to be your last resort so here's some helpful insight my teacher told me to do when i'm stuck translating something I don't understand:

a. stop and take a moment to asses the situation.

b. Look for cognantes (robe, personne, femme)

c. Look for your subject (il, elle, ils, elles).

d. Look for words similar to other -latin- languages you know of. (for example Español is Spanish in Spanish while Espagnol Spanish in French. Just as parler is similar in the two languages.)

e. Finally, piece what you have and make the most logical guess based on your knowledge of proper english and what you have discovered. (like if you didn't know what Je suis anglais was, you might know that Je meant I and that anglais was a partial cognate to english. Then, based on your knowledge of making sentences, it would be a matter of filling in the blanks.)

*6. French time uses a 24 hour clock system. That means 4:00 am can be 4h00 however 4:00 pm would be 16h00

**EDIT: Made some spell checks and added a tip I just remembered would be extremely important.

Hope this helps, feel free to add tips of your own or send me a message if you find any more errors or misspellings I may have missed.

July 28, 2012

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Yes, I agree, language is a music, every one has its own. Learning a second language should occur before your ears and your tongue are "frozen". That generally happens @10 years of age. If you have a good ear for music, if you sing well, chances are you will be able to grab the music of any foreign language. Not perfectly for sure but then, hearing some anglo-born person, like Mick Jagger speaking French is so charming!

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