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Setting a grade percent minimum

Hi Everyone,

In my middle school all students are required to maintain a 90% or higher on all lessons. How do I set this minimum to pass a lesson on Duolingo?

November 14, 2019



Students can redo lessons, right? Is It an advanced class or something? I’d probably get below an A a couple of times especially if I wasn’t that good at the language.


This is my feeling: We are working toward mastery, right? Duolingo lessons themselves work toward mastery. You get a question wrong, then that question keeps getting repeated until the student gets it right.

Therefore, every student who completes the Duolingo assignment gets 100%.

Now, if they AREN'T doing their assignments, then obviously that's a zero for each assignment that they miss. Or partial credit if they got 25 XP when you assigned 50 XP, or they did a couple of lessons on the "restaurant" skill but did not level up.

That's just my two cents, and how I grade my own students.

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