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Student Filter Applying for Teacher too

I am an English teacher in Turkey. I recommend Duolingo to my students. I once tried to set up a classroom using Progress Sharing. But that way, if I join the class with the code, it also counts me as a student and doesn't allow me to see some words like wine etc. How can I check the progress of my class and avoid this?

November 14, 2019

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Hi there. Once you have set up a classroom, go to the class (make sure you are on Duolingo Schools site), click on "More details", then "Activity details", and set a date range as per your assignment. You will see the whole class's overall activity BUT by now clicking on the student individually, you will see what each student did specifically during that particular time range. P.S. I have my kids sign up as teachers after creating a learning account so that they can do the same thing. Essentially, they create a classroom of one (him or herself) on Duolingo Schools and "progress share" with themselves so that they can see the same activity as I do. You will know all is well when they have joined both your class and their own. Best of luck!

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