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european and latin american spanish

hi PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can duolingo add a feature when learning spanish to state if learning european spanish or latin american spanish, you would be the first site to do this and would make you AWESOME! I dont mean the accent of the audio, that is fine, I mean vocab wise, becuase as a begginner I can say its quite confusing learning the wrong vocabulary, for example the word "car" is different in both styles, thats just one example, although the versions are very similar there are some key differences, apart from that I LOVE THE SITE! keep developing and becoming more awesome!

July 28, 2012



I have found this a problem also. It is European Spanish I wish to learn. I have been learning Spanish from several sources, some European Spanish and some Latin American Spanish. I just hope it doesn´t cause me to much problem.


I too find it disappointing that there is no specific Spain Spanish. They have Klingon and Esperanto, but not Spain Spanish spoken by 40 million people. Yes, you'll be understood in Spain, but if someone takes an interest specifically in Spain, it's better, IMO, to introduce that person into Spain's vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation from the very start. The fact that he/she can get by in Mexico, Peru, and Argentina would a plus, but they should be immersed in Spain's Spanish if they're primarily interested in Spain. Duolingo can also provide country-specific versions for a handful other major Spanish-speaking countries, notably Mexico and Argentina, as well as the generic version. And they would be easy to create, because you would just need to adapt the current course with some modifications into a Spain-specific course. And the authors of the various Spanish courses can collaborate on any changes to keep changes to the different versions consistent. Ditto on British v American English (I think both of these should be offered) as well as European Portuguese v Brazilian Portuguese.


I really hope duolingo give us a response, today I got into big confusion by using latin american spanish words instead of european! made the conversation I had really confusing!

[deactivated user]

    That's happened to me plenty of time too :D


    This may be a bit much to ask, but it would be great if we could choose either or both, and if both then the system would intertwine questions and display for which region the current question is.


    is there a way to get duolingo to respond officially on this?

    [deactivated user]

      I like European Spanish. I think they should separate the courses.

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