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"On New Year's Day we don't work at the office"

Translation:Mwaka mpya hatufanyi kazi ofisini

November 15, 2019



The 1st instance I replied to this exercise I changed the word order to reflect a more natural way I speak in English (i.e. "We don't work in the office on New Year's day"), but I was marked down. I believe that it doesn't and shouldn't really matter whether the English translation is "On new year's day we don't work in the office" or "We don't work in the office on new year's day", both renditions are equally correct and should be marked as such.


Could the negative habitual tense work here also, since it sounds like not working on New Year's Day is a regular thing for the speaker(s). Mifano: "Mwaka mpya sisi hufanyi kazi ofisini."

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