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PSA: Don't forget to help people in the "Sentences" tab of the forum!

I just thought I'd make a reminder for people to check out the "Sentences" tabs on the forum, and help people out if you know the answers to their questions. Right now it looks like most questions are going unanswered. Duolingo on its own is a fun learning tool, but the community can always step up and help out with each person's learning journey.

November 15, 2019



Yep, I try to, but I am limited in vocabulary (even though I know the grammar). Thanks


I agree. Discussion forums are indeed fun. We can get to know new friends, share experiences when there are mistakes in solving problems, or just say hello. Duolingo really helped us, especially students who need language lessons.. and also it's free :'D this is really fun virtual class :)

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