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Language Challenge #6!

Hello everyone! Since the down votes on my latest posts have been shocking, and the comments have been so low for very long, I've decided to just go for it and make another language challenge. I really hope you like it! The challenge is to describe the weather near you in your language! If you are new or not as experienced in your language, you can do it as simple as you like, like: A se frio aqui. Hay nieve. Pero, es soleado. However, if you would like to do a more detailed answer, you absolutely can. Here's my example: Mi perro y mi gato aman la nieve. Yo tambien! Es muy frio hoy. Los arboles he perdieron casi todos sus hojas. Well, good luck! Please, just because I worked really hard on this for you guys, no down votes! :( Anyways, I do hope you like it. -Viva

November 15, 2019



Her i Tyskland er det bare litt kaldt for øyeblikket. I det minste i området vårt. Noen trær har fortsatt bladene sine og jeg elsker de røde og gule høstefargene, spesielt om sollyset skinner gjennom de fargerike bladene. Da er det veldig fint til å gå på tur gjennom åkerne og skogen.
Men man kan føle at vinteren er nær...

English translation
Here in Germany it´s just a little bit cold. At least in our area. Some trees still have their leaves and I love the red and yellow autumn colours, especially when the sunlight shines through the colourful leaves. Then it is very nice to walk through the fields and the woods.
But you can feel that the winter is near...

I am sure I mixed up some of the grammar, so if there are any Norwegians around (or anyone quite adept at it) please could you correct my mistakes?


you live in germany? that is so cool. i live in usa so :( :( freeze for me.


Så flott at du har skrevet på norsk! Her er noen små rettelser:

Her i Tyskland er det bare litt kaldt for øyeblikket. I det minste i området vårt. Noen trær* har fortsatt bladene sine** og jeg elsker de røde og gule høstfargene, spesielt om*** sollyset skinner gjennom de fargerike bladene. Da er det veldig fint å gå på tur gjennom åkerne og skogen. Men man kan føle at vinteren er nær...

* /Noen av trærne
** You could use "blader" too, leaving the possessive implied, or "sine blader", but if you place the noun before the possessive, it needs to be in its definite form.
*** Strictly speaking, it should be "når" for "when" and "om" for "if", but either works here.

Her i Trondheim har nesten alle bladene falt av trærne, og bakken er dekket av et tynt lag med snø. Jeg har akkurat kost meg med en kopp kaffe foran ovnen. Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin vinter, og lykke til videre med norsken! :)


冬です. (It is winter)

I hoped I spelled that right. I suck at Japanese grammar :P


はい! It is spelled perfectly :D


It's fine! You did it correctly! :D


Beautiful! Im learning Japanese next.

[deactivated user]

    C'est l'hiver a mon maison. Je suis desole parce que mon aniversere est dans novembre et je ne pas aime la/le neige. Et il y a beaucoup de neige. ;(


    Je ne te sais pas ou ton anniversaire, mais je voudrais te dire: bon anniversaire! :)


    Das Wetter ist morgens und nachts kalt, aber mittags heiß


    hola ¿qué tal? ''C'est l'hiver dans mon pays (mon village, ma région...)(aux alentours de ma maison). C'est domage que mon anniverssaire est en novombre parce que je n'aime pas la neige.En plus il y a beaucoup de neige. :-))) Espero que no te enfadada de mis correciones, tengas un buen día.


    Lol! Sorry bout that... Maybe summer'll come around someday!


    Schnee. Es ist Winter und es ist schlecht. Wind, grauer Himmel, und viel Schnee. Ich warte auf den Sommer.

    I know I spelled things wrong and have a few mistakes, so if you catch them please tell me. :)



    Could you have meant "schlecht"?

    Wind, greye Himmel, und viele schnee.

    Wind, grauer Himmel, und viel Schnee.

    Ich hat Sommer gewarten.

    If you want to say: I'm waiting for the summer
    then: "Ich warte auf den Sommer."

    My German is kind of limited.
    But I think the corrections I've suggested are right.

    Light up a fireplace, wear something warm and comfortable,
    have some friends over for a nice bowl of soup,
    and enjoy the full experience of the word "gemütlich"...


    uv - Honesty counts. :)


    Thanks for the corrections, everybody :D


    meinst du schlecht statt schleckt?


    I'm waiting for the summer, too! However, I fear we might be waiting a while. Might have to consider hibernation :)


    Ici, en Floride, il fait chaud et il pleut.
    Hier, je suis allé à la plage.

    Here in Florida it's warm and it's raining.
    Yesterday i went to the beach.


    hey, don't rub it in! xD i wanna go to florida to swim. im sick of cold weather in november.


    Hola. Wow, ¡no me digas que nadé ayer! ;-)



    El clima en Texas es bipolar, así que trae chanclas y una chaqueta si estás de visita. La clave es recordar que si no le gusta el clima aquí, solo espere una hora, cambiará.

    English Translation:

    Weather in Texas is bipolar, so bring flip flops and a jacket if you are visiting. The key is to remember that if you don’t like the weather here then just wait and hour, it will change.

    This is a wonderful and fun challenge post VivaMarie! Thank you for hosting!


    Oh my, thank you so much. I'm glad you think so. I just feel so happy from all of these grateful and excited comments, I could burst! this is like the only thing online that gets me this much comments or anything. who knew it would be duo?

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