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  5. I finished the Latin Tree!


I finished the Latin Tree!

Yes! After about a month, I conquered the Latin Tree! I am still trying to gold-plate the skills, but I got the GOLDEN OWL!!!! I have a new respect for people who conquered the trees, especially the people who finished when the courses were stable. Beta was hard enough.... Thank you Duo for helping me learn an awesome new language!

November 15, 2019



<congratulations @WINGSOFFIREFAN2 So happy for you & your achievement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations! Does your owl have a scarf? My don't. But another owls (english, deutsch, francaise) have scarfs colored in national colors.


Now you can start to learn another language, or complete latin tree in gold, well, do what you want, anyway, Congratulations for you achievement!

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