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Here's a crazy mistake I made...

So I wanted to set up an Arabic on screen keyboard for Duolingo, which I did successfully. Unfortunately, I also seemed to have made Arabic the default language. When I turned on my computer, everything was on the right hand side and (to me) unreadable. I could switch the keyboard to English and go online in English, but I couldn't read anything on my computer (so googling how to change the preferred language wasn't really helpful).

I eventually figured out that I could use the icons to download the British English language pack and, by the grace of God, I picked the right buttons to make that the default language. It seems to be working now.

November 15, 2019



You changed your OS's language instead of the keyboard default input, just add the arabic keyboard input, and use the on screen keyboard or get some stickers for your keyboard, or maybe an English-Arabic keyboard, shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks. My 2 cents.


I went to the ATM at the bank and changed the language to Spanish. Big mistake... they locked down my account cause they thought I was a hacker. I had to go inside and talk to the manager to get it fixed.


رائع ان أسمع! Great to hear!

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