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Anyone know how I can get an Esperanto keyboard to show up on my new Ipad?

I added the Esperanto language under settings, but I can't figure out how to get the Esperanto keyboard to come up when I do lessons using the Duolingo app on my new Ipad. I did not have this issue with my old Ipad, but unfortunately it's now so old that the Duolingo app is no longer supported for it. The Spanish and Hebrew letters work fine on the new Ipad because I can toggle keyboards by pressing the little world icon - I'm only having this problem with not being able to access the Esperanto keyboard. :-(

Thanks in advance for any workaround advice.

November 15, 2019



Simple per klavokombinoj: strg c > ĉ alt c > Ĉ strg u > ŭ alt u > Ŭ

November 16, 2019


you can try to use Gboard if it's available

November 15, 2019


Someone suggested Klavaron or Esperanto Keyboard, and someone else suggested MessagEase. I found both Esperanto Keyboard and MessagEase in the iTunes App Store at no cost and I tried both on both my iPad and iPhone. Later, after an update, I wasn't sure why I was having trouble sometimes with the screen keyboard always appearing even when I wanted only to use my peripheral keyboard, so I deleted Esperanto Keyboard from my iPad apps and I still have MessagEase. MessagEase is strange for me to get used to, but it is nice to have options. There are probably other options out there I don't know about.

November 16, 2019
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