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I completed the Navajo Tree 4383xp, 55 crowns, 26 days, and 250 lingots

This took me so long but I finally completed it Also no streak freeze involved with the streak.

November 15, 2019



Congrats on finishing the Navajo tree! I hope they add more to it so we can go back and learn more about the language. I know they added some audio, so that's a great first step. It's a very complicated language for me. But the audio helped clear up some things. I did the course before the audio was added so I had to guess how everything was pronounced. After some audio was added, I found out that I was way...way...wrong. Lol. It was still fun though. I'm glad you stuck it out to complete it. Spanish tree next right ;)


either Spanish or Portuguese


So how do you feel ? : -) Do you think you would be able to express quite a lot of things in the language or is it just a very "passive" knowledge" ?


I don't know I feel like I know it but can't pick it out of text yet but Im still practicing it to feel very good about it.


no, don't add any new things to the Navajo tree, it will ruin the conqueror badge


Is the amount of xp you get how you max out a language?


There's no max for a language. You can always earn more and more XP. The max language level (which is based off of XP) is level 25. Although the levels never go past 25, you can always get more XP in your language. You can always review your skills with practice. :)


Congratulations so happy for you and your achievement!!!!!!!!!!


it is very nice to see people like you learning a language which is on the verge of extinction


'Áko k'ad T'áá Dįnę́jígo shich'į' yáníłti'go bíighah ya'? Jó nįzhǫ́nį́ díí Dįnę́ Bizaad bóhoo’aah 'ałtsxo 'íinílaaígíí!

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