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  5. "We run and you jump."

"We run and you jump."

Translation:maqet 'ej SuSup.

November 15, 2019



Doesn't SuSup mean 'You will jump', as oppose to 'You jump'?


Either. Klingon does not mark tense by changing the verb the way English does. Depending on the context, SuSup can mean, "You jump", "You will jump", or, "You jumped."


Would [maqet SuSup je'] be correct as well?


It would not. The conjunction je (note there is no qaghwI') is used to combine nouns. These are verbs (even full sentences really). 'ej (this one does have a qaghwI') is used to combine verbs or sentences and appears between the sentences instead. It can be confusing since English only has one version of "and", but in Klingon they are quite distinct and cannot be substituted for each other.


Would maqet je jisup be correct?


No. je is only used to conjoin nouns. To combine sentences or verbs, you have to use 'ej.

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