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"عِنْدِك تَنّورة بَيْضاء يا جودي."

Translation:You have a white skirt, Judy.

November 16, 2019



I'm a little confused about the multiple words for the colors white and blue. Is there a gender-related reason for them?


Each color corresponds to three specific letters. For example...

z r k (blue)

b y d (white)

b n y (brown) etc..

Each color has masculine and feminine gender assigned to them based on the location of the three letters.

Masculine: a 2 _ _ a _

Feminine: _ a _ _ a 2

Fill in the blanks with the three letters from a color to observe its masculine or feminine form.

Furthermore, the gender of a color is determined by the object it applies to when used as an adjective, not the person you are speaking to.

I hope that helps.


I still didn't get what is the sound of this letter ظ


The phonetic transcription of ظ in Modern Standard Arabic is [ðˤ]. The ð represents the typical sound of TH in words like 'the', 'this', 'brother', etc. (Remark: it is different than θ, the sound of TH in words like 'theater' or 'mathematics'). The small ˤ represents Pharyngealization, also noun as Emphatization (because ظ is an Emphatic consonant). It means that the sound comes from deeper in your throat, and the sound is also supposed to be deep and low. Of course, I just explained the sound theoretically, and it requires lots of practice before being able to produce it naturally in a conversation, but that's up to you.

N.B.: I tried to explain the sound ظ in Modern Standard Arabic. In most dialects, this sound has changed (either to a [dˤ] or a [zˤ]).


Once a native speaker explained it me in this way, because I had the same trouble like you. ;-)

Go on Google Translate and exercise it with the word Abu Dhabi

. Tip of the tongue goes a bit out of the mouth like in th.

. Put the tongue only against the upper teeth and keep the teeth a little bit open.

. Now you have to elaborate the back of your tongue for producing the deeper sound.

Have fun. ;-)


Ther was no you


Ther was only me

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