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  5. "You can fill the bathtubs."

"You can fill the bathtubs."

Translation:Labra implere potes.

November 16, 2019



I had the right words in the wrong order. Duo wasn't happy with 'Implere labra potes'.


Write this in Latin: You can fill the bathtubs.

My answer 'implere labra potestis’ was deemed incorrect. As correct solution is given: Labra implere potes.

As far as I know, “you” can also indicate plural in English, and if more than one bathtub has to be filled, more than one person is likely involved.


What???! "Labra implere potes" would mean "you can fill the lips", wouldn't it?


Without anything to differentiate long vowels, yes, it could mean that.

If we use macrons to differentiate:

labra -> (the) lips

lābra -> (the) bathtubs


Easy to remember the difference in this case, I see.

lavō => lavābrum->lābrum

The reduction made the vowel long.


Thank you. That explains it. Getting a bit frustrated using the app. Only just found out that if I use the website, I can actually look words up in a dictionary.


I'm not sure "fill the lips" make sense. (Unless you are a surgeon).


I agree. Hence my confusion. I only started learning Latin a few weeks ago.


So I actually answered it as " balnea implere potes." which should be wrong unless bathhouse is also an acceptable translation for multiple bath tubs in one place.

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