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  5. "Sunday is football day."

"Sunday is football day."

Translation:ʻO ka Lāpule ka lā pōpeku.

November 16, 2019

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Here is an observation. Some comments provide great guidance and explanations for the lessons. The comments are straight to the point and really give us those "aha!" moments because of their relativity to the exercise. So why haven't the lessons themselves incorporated those explanations as actual lessons prior to presenting the exercises that use them? Instead of guessing the answer, it would be great to know what is correct before being tested instead of learning what is correct as part of the lesson. Also, some explanations in the comments expand on language structure such as equivalents, etc. that assume we know what is being discussed. However, I haven't seen such references in the Duolingo lessons themselves. Are there other courses we should be taking with this? It seems so. So I'll be looking around to find any augmenting lessons. I'm determined to get through this. I'm also taking Italian and Japanese using Duolingo which seem to flow much better than the Hawaiian Duolingo. Those lessons take approximately 4-6 minutes per lesson set where as this olelo hawaii is taking me 15-25 minutes per lesson set. One of the comments mentioned that this language is actually in BETA which would explain why it is kind of bumpy at this time. I wish I could help you guys with it. Hopefully this feedback will do for now. Please understand that while I do complain, I also do thank you for allowing the internet community to freely learn a plethora of languages. Such an education is a gem in the pool of money sharks. Mahalo for keeping it free and for striving to educate the world!

November 16, 2019
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