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  5. "Where is your brother?"

"Where is your brother?"

Translation:Aia ma hea kou palala?

November 16, 2019



Just to warn language learners, "aia i hea" is the most commonly used version of "where?" in conversational Hawaiian, but it's usually pronounced "aihea." You can say it that way, but don't write it that way (at least not in a Hawaiian language class): Aihea kou palala? (Easier to say, right?)


Why no "ʻo" before "kou"?


Okay I JUST read in a comment a couple prompts back in THIS lesson that "Aia ma hea 'o Bill" and "Aia 'o Bill ma's hea" are interchangeable. It was illustrated as "Aia ma hea 'o Bill = Where is Bill? Aia 'o Bill ma hea = Where is Bill?" Can someone clarify the difference - and which is used more properly when? Because i just intentionally tested out this theory with "Aia 'o (name-I-forgot) ma hea" and was marked incorrect. So - interchangeable? Not interchangeable? What was the clue i missed?


"aia i hea" and "aia ma hea" mean the same, yes? Are they interchangeable?


marked incorrect: Aia kou kaikunane i hea?

marked correct: Aia ma hea kou kaikunāne?


"Aia kou kaikunane i hea?" should be accepted in a while (maybe up to 14 days from now). Sentences like "Aia ... i/ma hea?" (with "i/ma hea" at the end) were missing as alternate options for this exercise, but I've just added them in.

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