"Ela não sabe como nadar."

Translation:She does not know how to swim.

April 24, 2013

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Does it make a difference if como is used? I thought it was always supposed to be left out in this situation.


You can use that or not.most of time its omitted


In the previous sentence ("sabemos nadar"), it was even marked wrong to add "como"! How is this correct then?


I think it is inconsistency.

Ela sabe nadar (more common) = ela sabe como nadar.


"Ela não sabe nadar" is very usual.


I don't know where to mention this, but I find the awful looking people at the head of each sentence both distracting and misleading..you never know whether they are talking about themselves or somebody else and I waste time by getting the gender of the actual example wrong!!! That's if I can tell the gender from the picture.

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