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"He lives in the state of Georgia in America."

Translation:يَسْكُن في وِلاية جورْجْيا في أَمْريكا.

November 16, 2019



I still cannot spot the difference between تسكن and يسكن Could somebody explain pls?


The word يَسْكُن, pronounced ['jæs.kʊn] yaskun, is the verb to live/dwell conjugated in the present with the 3rd pers. sing. masc. he (i.e. يسكُن = (he) lives/dwells).

On the other hand, the word تَسْكُن, pronounced ['tæs.kʊn] taskun, is the same verb conjugated in fem. she (i.e. تسكُن = (she) lives/dwells).

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