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Asian and African Languages

Why does Duolingo have so many European languages, but lacks Asian and African Languages? I am a Part Korean but trying to learn the Korean Language. My Request to Duolingo: Get a More Variety of Languages!

April 25, 2013



Its easier to put in European languages because they use the same alphabet as English which makes it easier to program into the site and test the user. Plus its easier to find experts on those languages.


Afrikaan would be interesting.


Exactly, with a roman-script keyboard it isn't even possible to practice an asian language "Duolingo style" w/out complicated configurations. Those complaining need to just learn one (or more) of the 6 languages that are offered here or look elsewhere for "Asian language" learning software. Ask Chris Crocker once cried and pleaded for on his/her famous YouTube video, "LEAVE (BRITNEY) DUOLINGO ALONE..." :D

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