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  5. "Marcus lives in New York."

"Marcus lives in New York."

Translation:Marcus Novi Eboraci habitat.

November 16, 2019



What is the difference between Novi Eboracum and Novi Eboraci?


Novum Eboracum can be the nominative (the subject, the thing doing), accusative (the direct object, the thing being done to), or vocative (thing being directly addressed).

Novi Eboraci can be the locative (location, what is used here), or genitive ('of New York').


Why marce isnt allowed?


Marce is vocative which is used for direct address, when taking directly to Marcus. Here we are talking about Marcus, describing him (using the 3rd person), and not talking to Marcus, so we use the nominative (Marcus).


Shouldn't "Marcus habitat in New York" be accepted?


What's the difference between habitat and habitas?


habitas is the second person singular form -> 'you live/reside', 'you are living/residing', 'you do live/reside'

habitat is the third person singular, it can be used with names, he, she, it -> 'he/she/it lives/resides', 'he/she/it is living/residing', 'he/she/it does reside'


Why isn't it Novum Eboracum?


Here, Novi Eboraci, is the locative case, specifying the location the living/residing is occurring.


Why is 'in' omitted? Why not Marcus habitat in Novi Eboraci?


Novi Eboraci is the locative case, it already specifies that it is a location. The locative is only used with names of cities, towns, small islands (have one city or town on them), and a handful of other nouns (like domus, humus, and rus).

in, when specifying a location, uses the ablative. e.g. in foro -> 'in the forum'


Could we maybe have other citynames too? New york will not help me with my exam in europe, i believe...

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