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"Nunca pensei em jogar em tantos clubes."

Translation:I never thought of playing in so many clubs.

April 25, 2013



If this is in reference to a sports club, then the correct translation should be "for so many clubs".


Does jogar mean play as in a band playing in clubs as well as play on sporting clubs?


Jogar is used for "to play" a sport, to take a part in a game, play video games, to make a move in a game. Also, if you say "dont litter" / "dont throw trash" you say "não jogue lixo". In a band or to play a musical instrument you translate "to play" as "tocar"


Just to be clear, does tanto always mean "so many," and never just "many"?


Yes. Tantos/tantas = so many. Tanto/tanta = so much. Its more emphatic than "muito". Gosto tanto dele = I like him so much


I thought this meant like a DJ playing at night clubs.


To play music is "tocar".

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