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  5. "Tu doces."

"Tu doces."

Translation:You teach.

November 17, 2019



Is it ok to omit tu in situations like this?


I don't see why not, did they not accept it without the tu?


Doesn't "Tu doceo" ="I teach you"? In the multiple choice it did not het accepted


The sentence discussion is for tu doces - 'you teach' so I don't fully understand what you are getting at.

Te doceo would be "I teach you". The accusative case of the second person pronoun is not the same as the nominative.

Tu doceo has mismatched subjects. Tu says it should be a second person singular subject while doceo says it should be a first person singular subject.


What is the second person singular object?


Te is the accusative, direct object form.

Tibi is the dative, indirect object form.

The is no object here, I hope I didn't miss understand.

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