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General API for developers?


I understand Duolingo is just getting an Android app out and on the way. I still love the platform but am currently on Windows Phone. I started thinking to put some effort into a free Duolingo 3rd party app for the platform but was curious if there were any public API's for the service I could use? I wanted to build it natively and having this would be great. Thanks!

April 25, 2013



There are no concrete plans right now, but maybe in the future.


Thanks for the update, it would be nice to have at leeast some limited API, not to take away from some official app, but something us who dev on the platform could use. Unless Duo brings it to WP themselves, lol. Thanks again.


Is there still no API for Duolingo??


Not at the moment. A while back Luis commented on this


I think you'd probably violate the Duolingo terms of service if you made your own app.


I'd hope not, but I see the point. I was intending more like a native check app, not one that actually performs the lessons etc, just displays stats and so forth. But thanks for the link and info.

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