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  5. "The flower is fragrant."

"The flower is fragrant."

Translation:ʻAʻala ka pua.

November 17, 2019



"‘A‘ala" isn't functioning as an adjective in this sentence, it's the main verb here. Like many words in Hawaiian, the word "‘a‘ala" is a noun/verb/adjective.

In "‘A‘ala ka pua", "‘a‘ala" is functioning as a stative verb meaning "to smell fragrant". Consequently the sentence has the form "Verb Subject", and has the literal translation "smells fragrant, the flower".

In "ka pua ‘a‘ala" (the fragrant flower), "‘a‘ala" is functioning as an adjective, following the noun it is modifying.

In "ka ‘a‘ala" (the fragrance), "‘a‘ala" is functioning as a noun, following "ka".


Why sometimes we use "He" before de adjective and in this sentence not?


Why does the adjective precede the noun here?


why did they give me the question in the "numbers" section???

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