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Use of personal pronouns

In Latin usually the nominativ as subject (at least the 3rd person) of the personal pronoun is omitted -

ea habitat

etc is not good latin!

veni, vidi, vici ...


November 17, 2019


[deactivated user]

    So is it actually wrong to use the personal pronoun?


    It isn't "bad" Latin. Pronouns can be left off, yes - Latin, like Italian, is a pro-drop language - but if it was "bad" Latin to use them, why would they still exist?

    Using pronouns adds emphasis to a sentence. "Ego non sum puella. Tu es." (I am not a girl. You are.) "Ea, non is, domi est." (She is at home, not him.) However, they can also be used in other contexts as well (my Latin teacher made use of them regularly regardless of the context). It's a matter of style. But it's incorrect to say that "ea habitat" (she lives) is wrong.


    Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.

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