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Duolingo Language license

Is there a way to receive a Duolingo language license? The virtual or on paper, I saw one linkedin profile that shared the duolingo language license, I dont know how it is possible.

November 17, 2019



Do you have the link for this ?

I also have seen this, but can not put my finger on this at the moment.

My mind recalls it was written in Spanish, and from an authority in Mexico.


Ahhhh - I think I have found it. Lets see .....



Please be aware, I am not verifying this as a source by any means.
This is not something I have any inside leads on.
I am a GA volunteer here.


You can become a Duolingo Certified Educator, if that is what you are asking. This is for teachers.


In my opinion, that certification is worthless outside Duolingo.


Luckily you cannot share Duolingo's progress anymore, because the Fluency of Duolingo is not based on an official certificated language test.

And wombatua wrote another good reason:

.... it shouldn't be put on a networking site. I occasionally hire people, and I'd look on someone who crowed about their linguistic ability by citing Duolingo as a candidate with poor judgment.
Source: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23432188


hmmmmm - not quite so.

You and others may be interested in checking out:

If someone could transcribe this speech, I would be thankful, as it will also make it available to more of us to understand.


It might be the "Duolingo English test"

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