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"Respektu la regulojn, kaj vi progresos pli rapide."

Translation:Respect the rules, and you will progress more quickly.

November 17, 2019



Faster, more quickly. What's the difference?


Are you asserting that there isn't a difference, or acknowledging that there is a difference and asking for someone to explain to you what that difference is?


I think you could make the case for there to be a difference, i.e. 'more quickly' might have something to do with it happening sooner whereas 'faster' would be all about speed no matter when or how soon it actually happens. But I don't think most native English speakers would really acknowledge or even recognize the difference. Plus I don't think that difference is captured/preserved in Esperanto by 'pli rapide', which could mean either one. That's my view, but I'm not really all that interested in arguing the point. Although I am interested in hearing yours and others' views if you or they care to share them.

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