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Arabic:number 3 instead of letter a

In the lesson descrip. 1 (Arabic)I found many times words with the number three written instead(I presume)of the letter a.Anyone else found it?

November 17, 2019



No it actually stands for the letter ع


No,I mean that in the words written in English I found something like it:bii3,buu3


Yeah sorry my explanation was not clear , so this 3 is the english transcription used for the arabic letter ع (that sounds quite differently of an a sound). you will see also a 2 for ء or DH for ظ. All of this is just an english transcription for arabic sounds that don't exist in English.


Many thanks!Now I understand


Arabic has some sounds that English dosen't so they replace them with numbers. My sister takes Arabic classes and she has taught me some. ;)

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