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"There are not very many ponds in the city."

Translation:Plurimae piscinae in urbe non sunt.

November 17, 2019



"non plurimae piscinae in urbe sunt"?


Or, "paucae piscinae in urbe sunt"?


For some reason this does not make sense to me and I think the translation is off. Why would someone say this? Are they saying plurimae piscinae non sunt, sunt multae? Are there not very many, just many? Is this sarcastic? Is this supposed to mean there are very few or a medium amount? I can't quite put my finger on it, but the English translation is sort of a way of saying "I expected there to be more ponds, but there aren't very many." I highly doubt the latin sentence means this. To be honest, this entire set of sentences should be removed from Duolingo because there seems to be too much nuance in this for a beginner level.


Why not this? piscinae in urbe plurimae non sunt. Given word order is not important.


Report this, it is a software issue.

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