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Thank you Duolingo Esperanto

Sadly, I have decided to quit Esperanto today. Although I really liked Esperanto in the beginning, lately I have been struggling with my target language, Spanish, in school. I have subconsciously been writing words like "Mi" instead of "Yo" and forgetting about conjugations. I have been working on Esperanto for 2-3 months now, and have made incredible progress. I was even 24 lessons from getting a Golden Owl! But, regardless, quitting Esperanto is for the best. I would love to be fluent in Spanish by the time I graduate in two years and have been making little progress towards that goal. I need to focus more on my plans.

And now, I would like to thank Duolingo Esperanto. YOU have opened up many linguistic doors for me, and shown me that languages are possible to learn! I actually enjoyed the lessons and understood them, and for that, I am grateful.

See you Esperantists!

November 17, 2019



Maybe you don’t have to qui it for good, but put it on pause for a while? You can get back to it later, when you have more time and your Spanish is stronger. With a little practice you can continue studying Esperanto, even after longer break. I have done it many times, I’ve given up French many times and always continued it after a while.


I might come back to it this Spring or Summer even. I at least have to quit for now though.


You could try the Esperanto for Spanish speakers course to help you differentiate between the two.

Manĝu terpomojn kaj feliĉiĝu!


Hello, Do not leave Esperanto ! This is a wonderful language and, at the opposite of Spanish, it is mine. Esperanto could help you learning vocabulary, but its grammar is not european, so it will not help you learning Spanish. Esperanto is really easy. But I do not think learning it throught Duolinguo is good. According to me, better is lernu.net . Do not forget that Esperanto has a rich literature, and that events where we speak Esperanto happens every single day. I let you with a poem written by a young swedish, for a international "konkurso" organized by the french ministry of education : https://www.poesie-en-liberte.fr/ressources/la-devoj-de-la-vivo-les-devoirs-de-la-vie/

See you soon, Ĝis baldaux !


I had the same problem, i'm native portuguese speaker, and i always mix up the words between spanish and portuguese. For me the solution was to learn spanish from english.


In my opinion, learn one language at a time. Spanish will help you with Esperanto anyway.

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