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iOS 13, lesson not loading


I'm using an iPhone X, with iOS 13.2.2 and Duolingo 6.43.0. The languages I'm learning are Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin.

After a phone reboot, Duolingo will work just fine for a while. It will however, at some point, stop loading lessons, and show me the dancing owl forever. This happens for all three languages. It is reproducible; after a reboot, it will work again for a while.

Is anyone experiencing this issue as well? What solution is there?



November 17, 2019



Yup. I'm having the same problem. My lessons won't load ever since the new update to Duolingo on iOS. I'm on an iphone 7.


Update: I'm still experiencing this problem. A cursory search reveals that over the years many people on many operating systems have reported this problem. They don't seem to receive much response. Is there a better place to officially report this? Maybe this is just the wrong place? It's really a shame. You'd think duolingo would listen to us. We're not the only ones with this problem. Just the ones who care enough to actually report it. With woefully little support in response.

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