"Elas bebem vinhos."

Translation:They drink wines.

April 25, 2013

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vinhos and vinho why is it plural in the sentance


Yes! I don't understand here. If I say "vinho" it's wine in general, but why it's not "wine"? If I say in English," I drink wines", it's not "wine" in general, it's several wines, as "I drink French wines and Spanish wines", so, is it an error? Should we report it?


Yes, you're right. That's a duolingo problem that should be reported.

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    I drink wines is unusual, if not incorrect. I drink wine is better.


    Because duoligers like that... but general is singular...


    vinho - type of drink, vinhos - many/various types of wine. We normally say: elas bebem vinho, referring to the type of drink.


    eles and elas sound the same!


    elas: éh-las the "e" is like in h"ea"ther, it's open. ea-las

    eles: eh-lees the "e" is like in the rihanna song umbrella: eh eh eh eh-lees.


    The standard Brazilian pronunciation transcribed into IPA's phonemes:
    eles = [elis]
    elas = [ɛlɐs]

    Also listen to Forvo's pronunciation (by user pathgs):


    It helps to remember that "elas" is said as it's written, but the two e's in "eles" are different: eh-lees.


    Actually it does help ! Thanks for the tip


    The hint on hover says it's plural but the correct solution says it's NOT plural? How so?


    "wine" and "wines" are both plural in English.

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      In English wine can be uncountable. This is usually the case. :-

      • I like wine
      • I like this (type of) wine
      • I like this (bottle of) wine

      It can also be considered countable. :-

      • They make several wines.
      • Their wines are very good.

      Often the same idea can be conveyed either in the singular or plural form.

      • They make many different types of wine
      • They make many different wines.
      • I did a horizontal tasting of many wines today.

      But, the Portuguese form here has me stumped.


      Is "Elas bebem vinho" gramatically and semantically correct, if we want to say that they drink wine, without specifying whether or not it is the same or different types of wine?

      In my opinion plural of wine (wines) would suggest multiple types of wine. Is it the same in portuguese?


      Technically "wines" is not grammatically correct. However it is a modern English adaptation (within the last 20 or so years) similar to "monies" (plural of money). When used in the plural, "wines" means various types or brands of wine.

      Simply saying "they drink wines" is not correct because there is no context.

      On the other hand saying "Chile and Argentina produce wines of an exceptionally high quality" is permitted (but only in modern English). 30-40 years ago it would have been marked as an error in grammar). My parents would and grandparents would definitely try to correct me if I were to say it in their presence.


      After going through the comments I still find no clear explanation why it is wines and no wine. Please help!


      Because duolingo doesn't want to correct it... it's wine correct

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