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Yinishyé, Yinílyé, Wolyé

Hello everyone, I have a new video up where I discuss the first-person singular forms for the verb "to be called" in Navajo on my Youtube channel.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/eBuigi4A7Is

I hope you all like the video and subscribe if you have not already.

Best wishes,


November 18, 2019



This is great! Thank you! I love the joke at the beginning. Too funny! It's hard for me to pronounce the words so I greatly enjoyed how you spoke them at different paces multiple times. It's such a neat language. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for the appreciation! I am currently working on part 2 for the dual forms of the same verb conjugation for "to be called". It should be up later this evening or tonight.


Bonjour, Je suis vraiment content que duolingo nous mettent un peu de son en NAVAJO ! Je profite de ce message pour te féliciter de ta chaîne, je vais regarder ça en deux fois en fin de journée :-)

Hello, I'm really happy that duolingo we put a little sound in NAVAJO! I take this message to congratulate you on your channel, I'll watch it twice at the end of the day :-)

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