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Im learning Italian

I have started learning Italian have you any advise for me.

November 18, 2019



Ciao e benvenuto! Go at your own pace, use the Lightbulb tips and notes, and as soon as possible, try to "think" in Italian. If you have, questions, the Italian "family" is always here and happy to help, just ask. Most of all, enjoy learning this beautiful language. Ciao... (I nearly forgot, it's always a good idea to keep a good dictionary/grammar book by you for additional support!)


Ciao Linda. Tu hai ragione. Just be patient, enjoy the language and ask questions. People are always willing to help.


Ciao !
Welcome here and enjoy your studies. Italian is a beautiful language from an amazing country and culture.


I have lot's of advice! The following has helped me out a ton:

Turn your netflix language preference to Italian and so that you only watch your tv/movies in Italian Raiplay has lots of Italian content the podcast 'coffee break italian' is SO good. listening to italian books on audible (it helps if you find a book you already know translated into italian) As soon as you feel comfortable, starting to read books in italian is also very helpful. LingQ has easy stories to start off with. writing a paragraph of italian a day

That's it! Good luck!


Bravo! Hai fatto un'ottima scelta di imparare italiano! Sto anche imparando italiani (da 4 anni infatti!) ed' e' stato un viaggio veramente affascinante. Il primo consiglio che darei e' di fare pratica ogni giorno, sia attraverso una conversazione con un amico italiano che altri metodi, ad esempio guardare i film in italiano (senza subtitles se puoi), leggere i libri in italiano e cosi via. Esposizione e' importante per imparare bene qualsiasi lingua straniera. Anche se vorrei darti un sacco di altri consigli, pero secondo me, il consiglio che ho gia detto e' sopratutto importante da seguire. In bocca al lupo per il tuo apprendimento d'italiano! E' veramente gratificante!


Welcome hasib. I started a couple of months ago and am really enjoying the Duolingo process. Looks like there is already some great tips in the replies here. My advice - keep chipping away a day at a time. I always try to do something each day - even if its the bare minimum. Also creating Flashcard (I use Quizlet but others here have recommended Anker) is useful to keep the words in your memory) Ciao!


in bocca al lupo!

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