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using the words and timed practice

Yeah so after i finished my tree i decided to really stay with spanish and not lose what i learned. to do this i started reviewing on paper all the tenses and some vocab. then it hit me. duolingo does this for you! i just go to the words section, click on strengthen weakest words and it gives me a review exercise. i like using timed practice because it keeps me from cheating, improves my listening skills, is a bit more challenging and i get credit (XP) for every right answer. its like the perfect review tool. i dont have to manually create a review regiment for myself. i just calmly do what duo asks and it will seep into my brain and i will know the language. then i do some immersion and listen to some spanish news.

4 years ago



Not all of us have a "words" section.

4 years ago

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You are not missing anything. "Strengthen weakest words" and "strengthen skills" is exactly the same link: https://www.duolingo.com/practice. The words section is basically just a long list of words.

4 years ago


Can't find it on my phone. I guess it's just on the site.

4 years ago

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Only on the website, and only for some users. And like raans says, you're really not missing something. All it does it show me that Duolingo feels that I'm SEVERELY overdue on practicing a bunch of words... and yet it never offers them for practice.

There's a word it says I haven't practiced in 9 months. 23 more it says I haven't practiced in 8 months. etc.

It's one of the quirky bits of the site. Before they took the vocabulary tab away, I posted a couple of times mentioning that I had words that were marked severely out of date, but no amount of choosing "practice weakest" ever seemed to bring them up for review. The only way to get it to practice them was to explicitly choose "practice this word", which is an option that doesn't exist anymore.

4 years ago