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  5. "Das ist mein Gerät."

"Das ist mein Gerät."

Translation:That is my device.

June 28, 2014



what is the difference between Werkzeug and Gerät?


Werkzeug and Gerät is often the same but.

Werkzeug is always a tool for doing something like a hammer or a drill.

Gerät could be anything, but as a tip just use it for all the equipment you can't find in a workshop or garage.


And also Apparat is used for more complex items (like the time machine from Dark)


So far, Gerät is device and Werkzeug perhaps tool. And Anlage? For instance Windkraftanlage means wind turbine. Thanks!


apparently anlage means investment, so Windkraftanlage means wind-power-investment, It's a nice word. :)


If I remember correctly, Gerät is more general (Ladergerät = loading-device = charger) while Werkzeug is mostly a device used to do a certain physical task


Why is "that is my gadget" not allowed?


I reported it, and I just got an email saying that "that is my gadget" is now accepted. (Sep 23, 2014)

[deactivated user]

    I too want to know this. I use gadget all the time for Gerät.


    Why is "appliance" not allowed? Is Haushaltsgeraet not "household appliance"?


    Exactly. Haushaltsgeräte IS appliance. And one is far more likely to use the word "appliance" relative to household things than "device". I do not call my Magimix a "device". It is an appliance...


    I typed 'That is my equipment' and it was not accepted either. Although, if I click on Gerät, I see that it can be translated as 'tool', 'device', 'equipment'. Why so? Is the word 'equipment' appropriate in this case?


    Same problem here! If it is wrong, how are we supposed to know? :\


    The word equipment should definitely be accepted in this context.


    Why is equipment not allowed when it worked for another response?


    I too translated it as equipment and was marked wrong. However, Duolingo gives "equipment" as one of the words for Gerat.


    Would this also be used in a sci-fi/fiction context? Like "universal translating device," or "doomsday device"?


    z.B. Kartengerät is used for paying with card.


    What exactly does this mean with "device"? Any kind of thing that can be called "device"?


    Yea exactly, it's just as vague a word as it is in English.


    Why is "machine" acceptable in an earlier use of Gerät but not this one?


    because no one has reported and suggested it as an alternative response! feel free to do so when you have the chance :)


    Do German-speaking people use this word often? I can't think of a time when I would ever be likely to call something a "device." I would be specific. That's my computer. That's my Ipod. That's my blender. That's my alarm clock.

    But never, That's my device.


    "Haushaltgeräte" is a very very common word... Household appliances. One wouldn't say "Household devices" though! I think appliance is a better translation all round.


    gerät = equipment, but is not accepted, Why?


    Does that is my tool sound dirty to just me?


    So it's just like a power tool?


    Mobile phone is a device, but not a power tool for example


    so can explain it to me, why is "Gerät" a device instead of equipment? thanks.


    I answered "That is my utensil" and was marked incorrect. However, utensil was one the translations given for Gerät in the screen tips just a few screens back. Also, dict.cc gives one of the translations of Gerät as utensil and pons.com gives Gerät as the German translation of appliance.


    I think you may find that some of the suggested alternative words for something vary according to the context of the sentence. For example, if you were in a kitchen and held up say, a whisk, you could say Gerät for device or utensil. However, if you were in a garage or workshop and held up say, a screwdriver or a spanner, you could again say Gerät but not mean utensil. So in one instance a possible translation is correct but would be incorrect is a different setting.


    ‘That is my (scientific) instrument’?

    [deactivated user]

      Does anyone else think it would be nice to learn the actual words for the devices? I wonder how many times anyone says "That is my device," vs. "That is my cell phone" or "That is my reader."


      Gerät also means appliance but my answer was considered wrong


      What was your entire answer?

      Was it a "type what you hear" exercise?


      Several uses are should be accepted. Not good.


      I think that to.


      The Tips on this level are pretty slim. Going on the state of total confusion apparent in these comments, perhaps a short note on the meaning of Gerät might help?

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