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Suggestion: forget leaderboards and start graph-watching.

Rather than obsess about the leaderboards, how about some graph-watching on your Duome page? By that I mean the yellow line that tracks your daily progress up and down. It's fascinating!

If you will forgive my ignorant take on the maths: the dotted horizontal line marks your personal average, which moves up and down as your results arrive. I have started to watch it like a hawk!

Each day starts with a spot on the line at zero; the work you complete during that day pushes that spot and the slanting line upwards. My personal aim is to push it up to my current average and above that if possible; if lucky, this results in a beautiful upward spike, if not, a nasty sharp downward lurch. If there are several average days in a row, the line travels along horizontally, gently up and down, keeping me on track.

That's my new hobby :) Competing only with myself. Definitely recommended!

November 19, 2019



This is an EXCELLENT suggestion ! And yes, as Britty said, "there could be both", somewhat.
Myself, i am primarily concerned with my own progress, regardless of anyone else.
And i also do enjoy the leagues and competing to a degree, but never so much as to go too fast and hinder my learning.

Most of the complaining about the leagues seems to be because people are so intent on comparing themselves to others. So what ? What will be the reward in 5-10 years ? Hopefully to say you can converse somewhat in another language. Not that you were in this or that league on some website a long time ago with some long-forgotten competitors.


In 10 years, they'll be saying, Back in my day, we competed in games to learn things, like languages. Not like you young folks, now.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. (Also sounds good in French.)


Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


haaa, Good and valid point !


GlassSlippers, Many thanks for your response. I also enjoy both but haven't read of anyone else stalking! their own graph on the forum :)


That's right and its brilliant and a wonderful alternative for not just those who are stressed out about the leagues, but for everyone ! Thank you.


It's only 21 days, though. I'm sure that there are people with better tech skills than me who copy the data and have created fabulous spreadsheets of their cumulative progress! (Not me, too lazy ;-))


But that's great and surely it's enough to keep yourself apprised of your progress. It's like keeping a journal - It brings things into perspective and makes progress easier to focus on.


Jan, not sure what you mean by 21 days?

It seems watching your yellow line on its journey is an easy, interesting alternative for those of us whose gritty number crunching skills never ever existed!


The Daily Progress just shows 21 days at a time. Mine, for example, starts at Oct. 29, goes through today, Nov. 18, and has tomorrow at the end. Tomorrow, it will start with Oct. 30 at the far left, and so on, day by day.

What I'm saying is that I can't see a graph showing my entire time on Duolingo; it's just in a 21-day chunk.

I'm not disagreeing with you; I like the graph, but just wish it were longer.


Thanks, I see what you mean. That doesn't bother me. It's the daily here & now that's most relevant for me. The last 21 days gives plenty to digest.

One could keep a record of the raw data that's shown too but those bare lists of numbers make me shiver...not my thing either :(

I suppose keen folk could take regular screenshots of the graph to "compare and contrast" later...

Personally, the business of learning my language is more interesting than that!!


Well, that's a different take on competing. Good for you, have a lingot of encouragement!


I'm sorry I just don't get any of this. Leaderboards, leagues, graphs, XP, crowns, lingots...I just want to learn langauges. None of this stuff means anything to me. It's wasted on me, whereas things that might actually help me - such as having a chance to analyse and correct my incorrect answers without seeing the correct solution, or more comprehensive and in-depth explanations and illustrative examples of grammar points - are not available.

DL seems to be offering everything except the relatively few things that would actually help.


Redmorro, I am sorry that Duolingo's approach doesn't gell with you. We are all different. There are surely many other programs, books, classes that might be more effective for you (except perhaps if your chosen language was Klingon or High Valerian :).


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using other methods, and it's going well. But as others have said DL should be the absolute daddy of language learning sites; it has more languages then you can ever learn in a lifetime, all in one place; it has wonderful, helpful members who go out of their way to help explain things, sometimes again and again, patiently and with good humour. And, of course, it's free. I want it to be my language learning home.

I guess my frustration, therefore, is that it's only a few small but crucial issues that I have with the format that keep pushing me away, and I doubt those issues will ever be rectified.

Anyway. It's cool that so many people are happy with the bells and whistles and the site's format. On with the motley...


Redmorro, thank you for your considered reflection. I also have frustrations with some of Duo's methods, though I can appreciate the thinking behind most issues. And I also use other methods.

As intelligent, thinking adults (as opposed to babies) we have "learnt how to learn" by experience. Hence some of the seemingly simplistic approaches in the teaching can appear to be...? non-user-friendly?? and make you want to kick the--whatever is your kicking object :)

However, Duo is providing me with a long-wanted way of getting to serious grips with my language. For that I'm very grateful.


True, that's what I started doing when I reactivated my duo app a couple days ago. I don't care much for leaderboards, nor leagues, nor clubs...I don't mind being in any though, (since duolingo.com pretty much forced it upon us and I dunno how to undo it.) Regardless of all the bruhaha, duolingo remained committed to its primary mission: to teach people like us other languages for free. Thanks for sharing a great suggestion. I hope it gives other peeps a better and productive perspective rather than concern themselves with one upping one another, feeling left out, pressured of other people's progress, and whatnot.


Well said, songyuanming. "...duolingo remained committed to its primary mission: to teach people like us languages for free..."

All the bells and whistles are offered as motivational extras. Learning a language is mostly hard graft, often experienced alone with no other partners to work with and practise speaking together. It can become tedious if not relieved with humour and a way to keep track of how you are progressing. Duolingo offers a variety of motivational ways of helping with that: recognising and celebrating a personal journey up through the tree is one effective way for many folk.

Duo's methods have certainly been astonishingly effective for me.


I like your idea!


Certainly, for those who (kan godt lide det!--Sorry, forgot I wasn't in the Danish forum!) What I meant was: certainly for those who like to use both (as I do).


Thanks for suggestion!


yaa... we competing with ourself


I've been doing this for a while. I like to see patterns so I can realistically adjust my study expectations. What I learned is I can count on myself to go all out --plus 300-1000 points a day--once a week, sometimes twice a week, but never in succession. The other days I'm at minimum or slightly above.

I'm okay with this, as long as I am making progress. My only complaint is there doesn't seem to be a way to see ones entire progress since signing up. It only goes back a week or fortnight at most.


I like the league as a motivator - I am competitive. However, that can lead to rushing the lessons just to keep ahead, that can't be good, can it?


I found that every week I was put with a bunch of people who were getting more XPs than me and the pressure to keep up started dominating my life and then I started resenting the whole Duolingo experience. I had to force myself to pull back and relax and enjoy my languages again, which meant ignoring where I am on the leader board and just watching the graph to see I've done "enough for me" for the day.


RobDay, No, I agree, it can't be good at all. When you're rushed, learning isn't taken on board properly.


I watch my graph quite closely but it resets every week so that I don't end up having to get 2000xp in a day.


ScottSwartz, I think you are lookng at the leaderboard which does reset each week.

The "yellow line" graph is the one you can find in your own Duome page. This charts your personal learning lessons progress, nothing to do with how many XPs you have.

It is refreshingly different to "compete" with yourself. Do try it.


But you have a longer graph at Duome. Try https://www.duome.eu/ScottSwartz/


Thanks so much fHZ7BLoL ... for that link! You really can get there a lot of informations about your learning progress.


Only if the user's streak is ≥ 100 days!


My graph was always truncated before, the 100 day streak now makes sense. It’s a full on graph. Thanks! That’s good to know.

Also, does everyone get their graph compared to another member’s graph? What does the comparison suppose communicate? I ask that to anyone.


I didn't know about the 100 day streak either--will look forward to that but still have a way to go yet :)

I don't think your graph has any connection to anybody else's. It's your own personal record of daily achievements, which means it cannot be a competive thing, unless you choose to compete against yourself in some way. I suspect that if you start to keep a close eye on it, some form of self-competition is probably inevitable!!


On the Duome graph, there is another user listed along with one's own name. I haven't been able to figure out the purpose of it.


Interesting suggestion!


Ooooh! I just saw how I can see the relative strengths using Duome and actually click through to practice them up! Awesome! And all kinds of other neat stuff. I don't remember it being that well organized or helpful the last time I poked around it. Very happy to have revisited DuoMe!


can we expand the graph to more than a week? I would love that.


I hadn't realised before that the length of your own graph seems to be connected to the number of your streak. (I think!?? going by what folk have said here.)

Or is it to do with which device you are using? IE, desktop, mobile, android, IOS etc?

We would all appreciate it if someone who knows could explain how this works in more detail?


You are completely right. Your personal graph is much more motivating than the leaderboard which as it turns out, may be "fake" sometimes by the use of xp bots.


im doing about 100 xp a day but its too difficult and im gonna probably move down to 50 xp a day


In that case, your horizontal dotted line showing your average will drop down. So your graph daily ups and downs will look similar but just set at a lower level. Just as interesting!


This is a good one, Its not all about the high ranks on the leader boards. Not competition, but to absorb the language fully and hence fluence... Thanks a lot


I do agree. I watch mine too to see if I've done enough practice for the day, and it is much more important than the leaderboard to me. What I would like is to watch my overall progress, to see how I'm doing over a month or two, or longer... That we can see our past week's progress is good, but doesn't go far enough.


This person knows de' wey'


The leader boards are the most demoralising part of duo lingo and turn language learning into a chore. I hate them and wish to remove myself from them. Please can we have an off button. I do not have the time in the day to do more than my agreed amount of work. Thanks

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