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"The aged father is not strict."

Translation:Pater senilis non est severus.

November 19, 2019



shouldn't "Senilis pater est non severus" also be accepted?


yeah same query........ i wrote the same and its incorrect


WHY do they usually give multiple choice questions where two of the three have never before seen vocabulary? Where’s the challenge?


Why am i being penalized for word order in Latin?


would “Pater senilis est non severus” be correct, since the English sentence is ambiguous between “the father (is not) strict” and “the father is (not strict)”?


Why is "Patrem senilem non est severus" incorrect? I assumed "the" in the english sentence implied "the father" and so i used "senilem" for the word aged.

I'm still learning what to use where and how and can't seem to get it right. No need to down vote me if you cant help..


"Patrem senilem" is accusative, used for the direct object. You need nominative, for the subject of a sentence = "pater senilis".

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