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Will Duolingo continue to add-on to the Arabic course?

Personally I don't think 4 checkpoints is enough, especially for a language as complex as Arabic. Will they update it, or is that all we're getting?

November 19, 2019



I hope they add it soon


Their are now 5. And still, there is a lot more to dwell into: so far there is no past tense at all. And a quite limited variety of verbs.


It will be updated most likely, because it's very short and basic. We just don't know when that will be, unfortunately! :)


I hope so. It’s good.


You have a streak of over two years‼️Truly amazing ‼️


They will probably add stuff to it, even now pronunciation is off, the vocabulary is too simple, it wouldn't go past an A2 level, definitely not B1, but if you look at the Russian course for example, you'll see it way behind the Arabic one, at least in the beginning, as it jumps straight into hard vocab, and I'm not sure how we are supposed to read it, being English speakers (at least in my case), while in Arabic they spend I don't know how long (too long maybe) on basics such as letters and the accents... So give them time... Until then I suggest you try Rosetta Stone (the old PC version), way harder, not a B2 either, but somewhere in between, although I would never suggest Rosetta Stone for a beginner or someone with no idea, since it jumps straight into it... not the best way to teach with Arabic. Maybe that's the reason Arabic is so limited on this platform, it takes long to learn properly, we have to take it step by step, and since most courses have their contributors, I'm guessing resources are limited for Arabic. Anyway, just my 2 cents.


Arabic beginners need that time on letters and accents. But it would be nice to start building some vocab a bit sooner too. Memrise is quite helpful as an alternative, but it didn't cover accents at all when I last looked.


it felt really weird learning greetings at the end of the course. I think overall they did a good job of teaching the letters and sounds. Although, it would be helpful to know the names of letters and the order of the alphabet as well. I think it would also be better to distinguish a bit more between learning sounds and actual words. They kinda mix the two in the first half of the course. I also miss the visual cues that you get in other courses.


Totally, agree. I am looking forward to getting the new update. Sure, they will add. Duolingo is the best for sure.


I agree-I’ve advanced to the Saphire level in three weeks. Does anyone know how many levels there are?


Ten levels up to the diamond level


You're right. The only way to learn properly Arabic is obviously to convert to Islam...


I disagree with you because arabic was existing before islam appear


I think it's the other way around, the only proper way to learn islam is to learn arabic

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