When Will the Navajo be finished I finished the tree on the computer but is that the full version when will it be out of beta?

November 19, 2019


I still don't think highly of the course. It has taken far too long and still has many spelling and sometimes unnatural sounding phrases along with grammar errors. I just feel that is an injustice to those learning. I don't feel that much quality effort has gone into it. Rather, a quick dust storm that has blown through and now people are working to polish it haphazardly.

I agree with that but I still want them to finish it so I can finish the course.

I think it's considered an endangered language. But hopefully they'll be able to find enough contributors to be able to add to the course. At least they added some audio for now, so that's a good sign. I wish they had added it while I was doing the course though and not after I had already finished. Lol

Yes at least there falling forward and not backword

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